About FLEM

FLEM – Global Trading – has its head office in Rotterdam, in the south west of the Netherlands, where the company was established back in 1936. At FLEM, we deal with more than a hundred brands from small to large manufacturers with branded products including beverages, wines, confectionery, grocery, beers, spirits, toiletries and cosmetics. We supply and deliver using all means of transport such as container ships, truck and even by air. As a trusted name for over eighty years, we aim to bring people together, by supplying goods to them.

Growth is our pride but A-class service is our motto. Our commitment to provide the highest level of service and support to our customer remains our main priority. To bring this quality and best of service, our qualified professionals and representatives are experienced, knowledgeable and regularly attend worldwide events and major trade shows.

We are happy to meet and discuss new opportunities with you and talk about our extensive range of top A-branded consumer goods. We only work with reliable manufacturers and can therefore guarantee our customers a global coverage and continuous availability of top-branded products. We mostly trade in A-branded goods in quantiy of 20’ and 40’ containers.

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You ask, we deliver

Best Service at competitive prices

+80 years experience